Hi, I'm Avinash Prasad - developer and creator

I build apps with JavaScript

Contact email: avionmission@gmail.com

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Portfolio of Apps

JobDone: Revolutionizing the Service Industry

Tech Stack: Android Studio Kotlin XML Firebase

JobDone is an innovative mobile app that connects customers with nearby service providers for a wide range of services such as video editing, electrical repairs, photography, and more.

OpenShop: An Ecommerce App

Tech Stack: React Native react-navigations redux Firebase

OpenShop is a react native template/starter pack for building ecommerce web apps. It provides you with a customizable and scalable base to build your own ecommerce app on.

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My Courses

Android Studio: Bootcamp

Learn Android App Development essentials: RecyclerView, MVVM, etc. using Kotlin in this bootcamp with Android Studio.

Android Development with Python

Craft your first app in 12 minutes, followed by building an Instagram clone using kivy libraries. Plus, I'll demonstrate how to convert your .py file to a .apk (that dosen't crash).

Advance Video Editing Course

Get advanced video editing done on your phone with Alight Motion, an Android app that enables professional techniques like rotoscoping and motion graphics, taught in this course.

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