JobDone connects users with nearby home service providers through a simple and convenient mobile app.

Front End: Android Studio Kotlin XML
Back End: Firebase
Third-party Libraries Used: Geofire Retrofit Glide Koin

Key Features

JobDone is a home services finder app and startup. The app connects users who need home services like electricians, plumbers, videographers, etc. with nearby service providers.

Find Services

Users can search for service providers near their location and filter service providers by category and location.

2 User Modes

Service providers can create a profile with profession and tags. They will appear in search results based on their profile information.

In-app Messaging

In-app messaging system to communicate with service providers. Service providers receive notifications when a user messages them and convert leads into bookings through the in-app messaging system.

Our Process


📌 Slow performance and lag when searching for service providers.

📌 Difficulty in implementing a messaging system between users and service providers.

📌 Ensuring data privacy and security of user information.

📌 Difficulty in handling large amounts of data in the Firebase database.

📌 Limited resources and budget for app development and maintenance.


✅ Optimizing the search algorithm and utilize Geofire queries to improve search speed.

✅ Implemented a messaging system using Firebase Realtime Database to ensure real-time messaging.

✅ Implemented strict security protocols and regularly perform security audits to ensure data privacy and security.

✅ Use Firebase Database Sharding to split large datasets into smaller, more manageable pieces.

✅ Prioritize key features and functionalities, and focus on cost-effective solutions to optimize app development and maintenance.

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